Security of supply and energy transition

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  • >50 years of experience and
    long-lasting relationships

  • 368 TWh of long-term

  • 4.7 billion m³ LNG

  • >350 LNG cargoes
    last year

  • 7.4 billion m³ in gas
    storage capacity

  • >1,000 customers

Decarbonization is our focus

All of the businesses in Uniper’s portfolio have two main missions: ensure supply security and propel the energy transition. We generate power across Europe and trade energy worldwide. We also sell bulk electricity, gas, and heat to industrial enterprises and utilities. Increasingly, we help them decarbonize as well. Our underground gas storage facilities ensure a reliable supply of gas, even during demand spikes. In addition, we’re playing a pioneering role in establishing Europe’s hydrogen economy and plan to develop a sizable renewables business. 

ca. 7,000



Carbon neutral by 2035


Active in more than 40 countries

ca. 22.5 GW

Power generation capacity
Energy sources

Join the journey to Net Zero

There are many different roads to Net Zero. Which one do you want to take?


Fast-track decarbonization

Gas fired plant in Öresundsverket, Sweden
Wind and solar

Making our power portfolio even greener

Image of solar panels in the foreground and wind turbines in the background

The key to decarbonizing industry

Close up of hydrogen molecules

Zero-carbon mainstay of Northern Europe

Uniper engineer inspecting a nuclear plant in OKG, Sweden
Our strategy

Empower energy evolution, for a cleaner world 

Humanity has committed to tackling climate change by embarking on a journey to carbon neutrality. Uniper is ideally positioned to support and even accelerate this journey. And to make it possible by keeping energy reliable and affordable along the way.

Gas and electricity price break

Following the one-time payment to gas and heat customers in December 2022 ("December Emergency Assistance"), the German government passed the following additional laws based on the Act on Emergency Assistance for Final Consumers of Conducted Natural Gas and Customers of Heat (EWSG): Act on the Introduction of an Electricity Price Brake (Electricity Price Brake Act - "StromPBG") and Act on the Introduction of Price Brakes for Conducted Natural Gas and Heat (Natural Gas Heat Price Brake Act - "EWPBG"). We are complying with the legal requirements and, as usual, will keep you up to date on everything. For this purpose, we have developed a landing page for you, which we keep up to date as far as possible.

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Products and Services

Gas and electricity

Energy procurement through our supply schemes for electricity & gas

Green products

Energy from renewable sources for your portfolio.

Digital products

We are digitizing the energy world with innovative solutions and products.

District heating

Uniper Wärme has been supplying customers throughout the central Ruhr area with tailor-made heating solutions for more than five decades.

Market Solutions

We offer customized services that provide you with optimum support in the management of your energy portfolios.

Traded commodities

With our trading activities we balance flexibility needs in supply and demand, optimize our commodity portfolio and manage risk.

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.