Scholven power plant and its associated production locations in Gladbeck-Zweckel, Marl, Recklinghausen and Westerholt are reliable suppliers of electricity, district heating and process steam for the region. The three units  B, C and CHP generate 762 MW (net) of electricity. Units D, E and F were taken out of service at the end of 2014.

Additionally, up to 250 MW are generated in the form of steam for the surrounding industry and district heat for more than 100,000 homes in the region. For the industry in the northern Ruhr area Scholven power plant is a reliable partner for the supply of process steam, electricity and compressed air. Together with its customers, it contributes significantly to the economic success of the region.

Unit B Unit C Unit CHP
Commissioning 1968 1969 1985
Net Output 345 MW 345 MW 70 MW electric 68 MW Steam + Heat
Fuel hard coal hard coal hard coal


Kraftwerk Scholven

Kraftwerk Scholven

Glückaufstraße 56 - 45896 Gelsenkirchen