Innovative energy products for our customers and partners

Uniper produces and supplies electricity, heat, and gas to customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our assets play an important role in ensuring that the region has a reliable supply of energy. In 2016 we added to these assets a new coal-fired generating unit at our power station in Rotterdam’s harbor district.

We also aim to supply a range of innovative energy products to our partners and customers throughout the Zuid-Holland region. This includes providing steam to industrial facilities located near our power plants, and using biomass and industrial by-products (such as biopropane) to generate power and heat. In addition, we intend to provide district heating to residents of Rotterdam and The Hague. We’ve been doing this for many years with our technologically advanced gas-fired power plants, but in the years ahead we are planning to also utilize the residual heat from some of our other power plants.

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Our power plants in the Netherlands

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