Secure and competitively priced energy supply

Uniper operates a range of assets in Sweden, including low-carbon hydro and stakes in nuclear power stations. We also operate a number of gas-fired and oil-fired generating units used primarily as reserve capacity to ensure grid stability. Amongst them are the power stations Karlshamn and Öresundsverket.

To keep Swedish industry running, it needs a reliable supply of electricity 24/7. That’s why our experts focus on delivering the secure, sustainable, and competitively priced energy that Sweden and its industry depend on.

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Uniper’s renewables portfolio

Together with nuclear power, hydroelectricity meets Sweden’s baseload needs. Our hydro plants provide both stability and flexibility to the country’s energy system.

Ensuring Sweden’s energy supply responsibly with nuclear power

Nuclear power, which meets about half of Sweden’s power demand, plays an important role in its energy supply.

Uniper is the majority owner of the nuclear power plant (NPP) Oskarshamn and a minority owner of the Ringhals and Forsmark NPPs. We also own Barsebäck, Sweden’s first commercial NPP, which has been decommissioned and is currently being dismantled.

The highest priorities of our nuclear power business are responsibility and safety.

Uniper also operates gas- and oil-fired power plants, which provide additional backup to the Swedish energy system.