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For you as a supplier of goods and services of the Uniper group, this page offers useful information regarding the topics “invoicing, ways for invoice submission and addresses, and the payment process”.

We would like to offer you a central access point to all information and instruction letters to support you in your invoicing process. A complete and correct invoicing contributes to a shorter processing time of your invoice and to the compliance with payment terms.


This section offers information about additional contractual requirements concerning the invoicing (additional invoice details and invoice attachments). It contains also a summarization of the principles regarding the contractual and legal requirements for invoicing in domestic cases.

Please mention a valid e-mail address on the invoice, in case of further queries.


Invoice submission

Please find the central postal complete names and postal addresses of the service recipients as well as the e-mail address of each company of the Uniper group in the Directory of invoice addresses document in the Downloads section at the end of the page.

Paper-based to the central postal addresses

Please send your paper-based invoices, credit notes and reminders to the central postal address of the respective Uniper company (Example 1 and Example 2). 

Example 1
In case the invoice address on invoice = Name and address of service recipient, the central postal address has to be visible on the envelope.

In case of stating the central postal address in your invoice it is essential that in addition to the postal address the name and address of the service recipient are indicated on the invoice and clearly identified as such (Example 2). 

Example 2

In case the invoice address on invoice = central postal address (regularly address window in the envelope) additional information like the name and address of the service recipient have to be mentioned on the invoice.

Electronically via e-mail

In order to enable a fast processing and timely payment of your invoice, please use the electronic invoice submission via e-mail.

Please note: If you send an invoice electronically, please use the address of the service recipient in the invoice and not the postal address.

You can find any further information regarding the electronic submission in the Information sheet concerning the electronic sending of invoices, credit notes and reminders document in the Downloads section at the end of the page.

Payment process

You can find the information about the payment terms and payment runs in the Information sheet regarding the invoice processing and payment process document in below section.