Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How DEI let us thrive

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At Uniper, principles of equity and inclusion are integrated into our leadership culture, mindsets and behavior – to build a diverse ecosystem both internally and among our partners, customers and stakeholders. We do our best to ensure that your journey is inclusive to enable your wellbeing and success.

See how we embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we feel, think and do.

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Nice to meet you

Just take a look around you: Talent comes in all forms. And diversity of our teams is a critical ingredient for fueling innovation.

  • To attract talents from all backgrounds, we offer targeted apprenticeship and trainee programs.
  • We constantly assess our sourcing channels to expand our search for creative, smart, talented people, regardless of their background, age, gender, or other characteristics.
  • We invest in building relationships with professionals and partners at international and local events, and with universities and schools to meet interested candidates from all backgrounds.
  • We are committed to meeting individual life situations through flexibility. For example, within our NewNormal we offer a combination of home office and office work wherever possible, and aim to increase the amount of working models such as job-sharing and part-time.
  • We continuously strive to make our application process as simple and accessible as possible.

Welcome aboard

We want to create the best possible environment for our people and are counting on everyone’s contribution for this.

  • New to Uniper or to a different role in a new team? Your line manager ensures a smooth start by welcoming you and introducing you to the team.
  • A buddy guides you through the first months and has an open ear for questions and ideas.
  • Join our DEI Communities and build and expand your network. Our DEI ambassadors are happy to support you.
  • We strive to respond quickly and unbureaucratically to individual needs and requirements.

Working together

To foster a diverse and inclusive workplace we make sure that DEI is an intrinsic part of our leadership culture and people‘s behavior.

  • Together, we create an open and integrative culture that fosters belonging and allows everyone to be themselves.
  • We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment with zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment.
  • We believe in the strength of diverse teams because working together across different generations and cultures supports knowledge transfer and learning from each other.
  • Communication and feedback between employees and managers is important to us. Therefore, we continuously enlarge our survey and feedback landscape and offer different methods such as 360° feedback and pulse checks.

Learning together

Removing barriers or trainings on special topics: Learning at Uniper builds on our principles of diversity, inclusivity and fairness.

  • Continuous and self-directed learning for everyone regardless of role, experience and age is one of our principles.
  • Through the diversity of our digital and analogue learning formats, we ensure that we offer the right format for each learning objective and appeal to different learning types, as well as continuously improve accessibility.
  • To ensure everyone can develop their digital competence and feel confident in a digital and hybrid environment, we offer the latest methods and training in the field.
  • We constantly enlarge our DEI learning collection and DEI training offers.
  • External trainers are also selected and briefed in accordance with our principles of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Developing your career

Together we strive for the best possible performance in a healthy work-life-balance.

  • We create flexibility and meaningful opportunities for our people, aiming to reflect all kinds of individual situations and phases in life.
  • Different working models are available and allow you to explore new opportunities.
  • You strive for a leadership position? We are happy to support you with training and coaching to develop your leadership skills, which also include a DEI-sensitive mindset.
  • We aim for clearly-communicated and transparent promotion and succession processes.
  • We foster mentoring as well as reverse mentoring to enable and encourage an exclusive exchange and mutual benefits across five generations of employees.

Parting ways

Sad to see you leave! But DEI will accompany you also throughout the entire farewell process.

  • We value everyone’s contribution to Uniper and make sure that knowledge and expertise is shared in a sustainable manner, for example, via the intergenerational nature of our teams.
  • We value open and honest feedback and offer support and guidance to easily complete the leaving process.
  • We welcome you to return to Uniper at any time.