Offering services across multiple industries and technologies

Utilities and Independent Power Producers

As an owner and operator of power generation assets, Uniper is well positioned to provide energy utilities and independent power producers (IPP's) solutions to bring the best out of their assets.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Uniper leverages on site generation and engineering expertise to provide solutions to Industrial and Manufacturing asset owners.  

Energy from Waste and Biomass

Uniper ensures the reliability of operations and has the expertise to offer operational, commercial and environmental solutions catered to energy from waste power plants.  

Gas Pipelines, LNG and Storage

Having operated large gas transportation networks throughout Europe, Uniper is well equipped to manage our customers' gas pipeline infrastructure development, grid management, gas storage assets as well as gas supply projects.

Energy Distribution and Grids

Uniper's experience of owning and operating international power and distribution assets enables us to provide our customers with independent project solutions.



With over three decades of experience owning and operating more than 6GW of offshore and onshore wind assets Uniper has the know how to significantly reduce capital expenditure, operating costs, and the overall cost of energy for our customers.

Banking, Insurance and Financial Organizations

Our multi-disciplinary teams of specialists provide technical evaluation of investments, root cause failure analysis and expert witness opinions for all banking, insurance and financial organisations.