Technical advisory partner for Insurance, Banking and Financial Institutions

Financial organisations investing in projects or insurance companies investigating claims require a variety of technical expertise from a single source. Uniper has an abundance of experience owning and operating its own assets as well as specifying and managing the building, decommissioning and demolition of power plants. This experience gives us access to a variety of associated operational and niche expertise including our own in-house materials failure analysis, testing facilities and chemistry laboratories all of which help underpin investigations. 

Our team of experts has been called upon by many customers to make a provisional assessment of the concern and our advice is seen as independent and authoritative. In addition to our technical expertise, our expertise in areas such as operations, quality and health and safety gives us the ability to provide comprehensive advisory services for all banking, insurance and financial institutions.  

Our portfolio of services

  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment
  • Technical longevity
  • Technical root cause analysis of failures
  • Business case analysis
  • Expert witness

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