Comprehensive offerings for energy from waste and biomass power plants

Using waste and biomass material to fuel power generation is increasingly important both commercially and environmentally. Ensuring the reliability of these operations is a key priority for all owners and operators. Uniper has extensive experience owning and operating waste and biomass assets as well as in delivering services for waste and biomass asset projects worldwide.

Leveraging our experience as an owner and operator of waste and biomass facilities, we have built up a track record of successfully planning, engineering and operating waste and biomass power plants. Our customers are able to tap into our experience and gain a variety of specialist support and training for their needs in waste and biomass power plant planning, operations, maintenance and compliance.


Our Range of Services

We offer in-depth technical knowledge, operational excellence and proximity as well as a profound understanding of the energy market. We use our comprehensive know-how to provide cutting-edge services that place an emphasis on individuality, accuracy, flexibility and innovation in order to attain the best possible results for our customers.

  • Plant condition and remnant life
  • Breakdown response and failure analysis
  • Inspection and maintenance planning
  • Conditional assessment, technical support and risk analysis of plant run, repair, upgrade and replace options
  • Technical specification for new plant
  • Emissions compliance and accreditation i.e. ISO/IEC17025, MCERTS and UKAS
  • Fuel types and risk analysis
  • Technical quality assurance
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Impact analysis of changes in legislation for essential plant upgrades
  • Warranty claims
  • Breakdown and outage support


Energy Services