Maximizing the performance of power generation assets

Backed by more than a century of experience in power generation, Uniper’s state-of-the-art services and comprehensive multidisciplinary technical capability enables clients to maximize the return on their generation assets. Our experience as an owner and operator of assets underpinned by our wide ranging research experience in exploiting technologies combined with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) independence allows us to offer a full range of available solutions and be a trusted partner to all our customers.

Our Expertise

For energy utilities and independent power producers, the challenges of today’s energy market, whether building, operating or decommissioning an asset, mean that the need to optimize costs and revenues is more important than ever. Uniper looks to leverage its real world experience to reduce operating costs and provide effective solutions to a variety of asset types including:   

  • Coal fired power plants
  • Gas fired power plants
  • Oil fired power plants
  • Co-generation power plants

Our Range of Services

Uniper's comprehensive multidisciplinary technical capability allows us to provide utilities and independent power producers the best support for assets and future projects. We conduct systematic knowledge management so that we can share best practices and draw on this storehouse of knowledge when we develop solutions for our clients. This approach is underpinned by wide-ranging research experience that enables us to exploit the latest technologies that deliver maximum return on investment for operators.

  • Planning and permitting
  • EPC tendering
  • Construction management
  • Asset strategy and management
  • Owner's engineering
  • Outage planning and management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Fuel supply

Energy Services