We offer a broad range of services with a focus on power generation and global commodity trading

We make sure you always have light and heat. We provide backup for renewables and are always there for you. With power we produce whenever it's needed. With natural gas sourced worldwide. And with innovative solutions.

We operate on energy markets around the world. The mainstays of our business are power generation and global commodity trading. We’re also engaged in gas production, energy storage, energy and gas sales, and a broad range of services.

Power Generation

We own and operate a sizeable portfolio of power plants located across Europe and Russia and encompassing the full range of generation technologies (primarily hydro, gas and coal).

Global Commodities

Our commodity trading business is active in power, emission certificates, natural gas, LNG, coal, and freight.

Energy Storage

Our gas storage facilities in Europe help ensure the reliability of the gas supply. In addition, we operate power-to-gas facilities and are engaged in the development of tomorrow’s energy technologies, such as large-scale battery solutions for power storage.

Energy Services

Uniper Energy Services provides flexible, bespoke services for the construction and operation of power stations, for fuel (coal, natural gas, LNG) procurement, for energy and commodity trading, and for energy marketing. Because we don’t represent any single equipment manufacturer, we can choose the technology and components that are right for our customers


Engineering Services

Our engineering and technical expertise enable us to provide a broad range of engineering services, from pre-investment surveys right up to decommissioning.