Ensuring secure gas supplies for customers across Europe

We operate gas storage businesses in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. Our gas storage facilities play an important role in ensuring a secure and flexible supply of gas for end-users.

Gas storage products – as unique as our customers

Every customer has different needs. We meet them with our comprehensive and innovative range of storage products and a wide variety of price models. Because we know that needs change over time, we talk to our customers on a regular basis and continually adapt and improve our portfolio of offerings. We offer our products to all market participants on a non-discriminatory basis.

Energy storage solutions to support renewable energy

Tomorrow’s energy system will need new storage technologies to help cope with the fluctuation of wind and solar power. Uniper’s Energy Storage team assesses and develops new approaches to storage. Our experts are developing innovative technologies to help ensure that renewable energy isn’t wasted. For example, our power-to-gas units use electrolysis to convert wind energy into hydrogen, which is fed into the gas pipeline system. In addition, we’re engaged in the development of tomorrow’s energy technologies, such as large-scale battery solutions for power storage.

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