Superb services for energy projects

We’re passionate about helping our customers meet current and future challenges in global energy markets. Backed by more than a century of experience in power generation, we provide state-of-the-art services with an emphasis on flexibility and innovation. We’re not affiliated with equipment and component suppliers. This gives us the freedom to choose from the full range of available technologies and solutions.

Our portfolio of services

Our services include owner’s engineering, project management, environment management, project and risk management, technical consultancy, supplier quality assessments, training and development as well as health, safety, security, and environmental protection (HSSE). From pre-investment to decommissioning, our range of services contains everything our customers need for their energy assets.

  • Asset services. We maintain, repair and optimize generating facilities all over the world. We coordinate downtimes, negotiate with equipment manufacturers and design bespoke solutions.
  • Engineering services. We have a team of experts in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering who can support our customers in areas like project management, quality assurance and control, and HSSE.
  • Asset projects. We design and deliver projects for all types of generation technology and make sure our customers receive the service they need - on time and on budget. We develop customized concepts for large investment projects and for smaller distributed-generation and infrastructure projects, such as cross-border gas transport.
  • Lenders engineering. As independent partner for asset refurbishment and due diligence projects we draw from extensive experience in building new assets, evaluating damage to systems and components, and using different technologies.
  • Innovation. Our innovation services include tracking emerging technologies, testing our customers’ products, and helping customers develop next-generation energy products and systems.

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