Uniper has the capability and experience to deliver value to project developers and asset owners.

Uniper has extensive experience in developing and building new power plants and in achieving operational excellence at existing plants. The completion of a large number of new-build projects in Europe and Russia has given us comprehensive knowledge and capabilities to add value to the construction of new generating capacity worldwide. We can also design bespoke solutions to optimize the operation of an existing plant, thereby significantly enhancing its profitability.

Uniper Energy Services offers a broad range of flexible, customized services. We provide a variety of engineering services for power stations under construction and those that are already in operation; we can also operate, maintain and manage assets on a contract basis; and we can conduct fuel procurement (coal, natural gas, LNG), commodity trading, and energy marketing on customers’ behalf. We can assemble a bundle of services tailored to a customer’s specific needs. Customers can choose from full-service arrangements or select only individual services, such as for example operations & maintenance contracts.

Our objectives are to be a reliable partner and to use our experience to maximize the value of our customers’ assets and projects. We adopt the asset owner’s perspective to deliver solutions that adequately balance technical requirements and commercial value. And we don’t represent equipment manufacturers. This independence enables us to choose the technologies and components that are right for our customers.

Project developers and asset owners, operators, and investors interested in learning more about our comprehensive range of services can contact the Energy Services team.

Energy Services