Maximizing the value from your assets and projects across energy technologies and multiple industries

Uniper utilizes experience in power generation to assist utilities and independent power producers (IPPs)

Conventional Generation

We share our know-how as an owner operator, independent of original equipment manufacturers, to help you maximize value across the entire asset life cycle and meet the needs for flexibility, reliability and availability.


Gas-fired generation

Coal-fired generation

Uniper offers services to distribution and grid customers

Energy Distribution and Grids

Our specialist engineers support transmission and distribution system operators to meet the challenges of connecting the large-scale expansion of renewable and decentralized power sources.


We can optimize the development, costs and yield of offshore and onshore wind farm projects, and then maximize return on your investment by managing assets throughout their life cycle.

Uniper offers a broad set of services for wind turbines and wind farms

Gas Pipelines, LNG and Storage

Our decades of experience in the field gives clients the confidence that their gas infrastructure projects will be delivered on time and within budget. We aim to maximize your return on investment throughout the entire life cycle of your asset.

Uniper offers services for gas pipelines, LNG and storage
Uniper is engaged in the storage of energy

Energy Recovery from Waste and Biomass

We have the know-how to ensure the availability and reliability of energy recovery plant, providing independent O&M solutions and employing first-hand experience to support clients in achieving environmental compliance.

Industrial and Manufacturing

We have the technical and engineering skills to ensure the safe and reliable operation of on-site generation plant and energy infrastructure, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Uniper is equipped to provide solutions to industrial and manufacturing industries
Uniper offers a broad set of servoces to insurance and financial organizations

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Our experience of developing and operating energy assets for over 100 years makes us the natural first choice for clients needing an independent advocate and source of expertise. We know how to protect your business case.