Steering our global activities from our home market

Germany is our home market and the base from which we manage our global operations. Our activities include power generation, energy trading, energy storage, wholesale energy sales, and technology services.

Providing secure power and gas for the energy transition

As the proportion of intermittent wind and solar expands nationwide, our hydro and fossil-fueled power stations provide reliable and flexible capacity that can balance supply and demand to maintain grid stability.

Part of our German fossil fleet are the power stations Franken, Heyden, Ingolstadt, Irsching, Kirchmöser, Schkopau, Scholven, Staudinger, and Wilhelmshaven. With Datteln 4 we're currently building one of the world's most advanced coal-fired power station. Amongst our German hydro assets are the storage sites Waldeck and Walchensee.

We’re one of Germany’s largest gas importers and, at a number of locations around the country, operate gas storage facilities, which help the gas system respond to fluctuations in supply and demand. In addition, we’re developing innovative technologies that can store surplus wind and solar energy and release it when renewables output slackens.

Energy sales

Uniper’s wholesale energy sales business offers bespoke solutions for the supply of power and gas to large industrial customers and municipal utilities. For more information about our German wholesale energy sales business, including our wide range of products and services, visit:


Bespoke heating solutions

Uniper Wärme supplies customers throughout the central Ruhr region with individually tailored heating solutions. For more information, visit:

Our corporate offices

Unipers global activities are managed from Düsseldorf. In addition to several operational sites and offices across Germany, we also have a representative office in Berlin.


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Uniper Office Berlin

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