Your heating partner for the Ruhr region

For more than five decades, Uniper Wärme has provided customers throughout the central Ruhr region with individually tailored heating solutions.

Our customers have long benefited from the heat that’s efficiently cogenerated with power at our large-scale combined heat-and-power (CHP) units. We also utilize a number of other environmentally friendly sources of heat, including mine gas, waste heat from industrial processes, high-efficiency electric boilers, and embedded micro CHP units.

Understanding our customers’ needs

Our customers and their individual requirements are always our primary focus. Whether it’s a local heating project, an embedded CHP unit, or a special heating solution, we work closely with our customers to meet their needs.

Our services

  • individual consultations
  • planning, finance, installation, and operation of heat plants
  • decommissioning of old gas or oil assets
  • installation of embedded micro plants
  • service and maintenance
  • customer service 24/7


For more information, contact:

Uniper Wärme GmbH - Bergmannsglückstrasse 40 - 45896 Gelsenkirchen