The high electricity prices have recently put the focus on energy issues. At the same time, most forecasts point to a greatly increased need for electricity in the future, where access to fossil-free electricity will be decisive for our chances of reaching the climate goals and transitioning to a fossil-free society. Will there be a new energy agreement next term? What does the potential of hydrogen look like? How should the permit processes be simplified? These are some of the questions we asked the energy policy spokespersons for all parties in the Riksdag. The interviews were conducted before the parliamentary parties had presented
their respective proposals for relief for electricity consumers.

The Energy Election 2022

Energy issues are among the most fundamental issues that exist in a society. How the energy system works is important for competitiveness, for welfare, and for our ability to implement climate change. Feel free to watch the interviews with the energy policy spokespersons to get a better picture of how the political parties view the energy issue and what needs to be done during the next mandate period.

Camilla Brodin, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (KD)

Will the election in September be an energy election if you ask the Kristdemokraterna? See the interview with Camilla Brodin.

Rickard Nordin, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (C)

According to the Centerpartiet, what will be the next term of office major energy policy issue? In our interview with Rickard Nordin, you will get the answer.

Arman Teimouri, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (L)

Do the Liberalerna believe that Sweden will achieve the climate goals by 2045? That, and much more, we talk about with Arman Teimouri in the next interview.

Carl-Oskar Bohlin, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (M)

Do the Moderaterna believe that hydrogen will be important for achieving climate goals? See the interview with Carl-Oskar Bohlin to get the answer.

Mattias Jonsson, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (S)

What do the Socialdemokraterna think Sweden needs to do to achieve the climate goals, and at the same time develop competitiveness? This is what Mattias Jonsson tells us in our next interview.

Lorentz Tovatt, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (MP)

Which energy issue has Lorentz Tovatt reconsidered, and which was his biggest energy experience? See the interview with the Miljöpartiets energy policy spokesperson.

Mattias Bäckström Johansson, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (SD)

How do the Sverigedemokraterna view the importance of fossil-free electricity for climate change?

Listen to Mattias Bäckström Johansson, giving his view on energy issues, in the second episode of our interview series the Energy Election 2022 (in Swedish).

Birger Lahti, parliamentary energy policy spokesperson (V)

What is the politicians' views on energy issues ahead of the September elections? You will find out in our new interview series The Energy Election 2022.

First out is the Vänsterpartiets Birger Lahti (in Swedish).

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Sweden needs a real quick start if we are to be able to achieve the climate goals with increased Swedish competitiveness. Properly handled, the Swedish industry can get a powerful re-ignition and continue to contribute to Swedish welfare.

After a break of two years, we at Uniper will once again kick-start this year's Almedalen Week already on Sunday afternoon, this year on 3rd of July.

It is important to include all fossil-free power types in the target picture for the electricity system of the future in order to create incentives for continued research, innovation and investment. 

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