Our commodity trading business sits at the heart of our power and gas portfolio. It optimizes and dispatches our generation assets, guides our gas business (transport, storage, and wholesale marketing), and manages risk. And it helps ensure that the supply of competitively priced energy remains secure for millions of customers across Europe.

Applying our expertise

We have detailed knowledge of the international markets in which we operate: interconnection capacities, gas flows, price differences between regions, correlation between commodities, regulatory regimes and the impact of weather and other factors on the production and consumption of energy.

Our seasoned traders use their extensive experience to design strategies to optimize the value of our assets, to hedge commodity price risks, and to ensure that our enterprise partners and customers have a reliable supply of energy.

Flexible LNG and coal supplies

In today’s increasingly interconnected markets, energy companies have to better understand and manage how global developments impact their commodity supply chains. At Uniper, we’re putting together a portfolio of flexible liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal supplies so that we can react even more swiftly to changes in supply and demand. In recent years we’ve secured mid- and long-term LNG supplies from the Middle East, Africa, and North America. Our coal supply chain is fully integrated, encompassing long-term relationships with major producers, our fleet of large dry bulk vessels on time charter, and our ability to manage risk by trading financial coal and freight products.

Our products and services

  • Power. As one of Europe’s large power producers, we trade a broad range of power products across Europe and North America.
  • Natural gas. Our trading activities give access to a broad portfolio of gas assets (from production and storage to transport and supply) and markets across Europe.
  • LNG. We source, transport and market LNG globally, enabling us to deliver innovative products and services to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Coal and freight. Our comprehensive portfolio management enables us to optimize the entire coal supply chain to meet quality, timing, and price requirements.
  • Climate solutions. We provide bespoke solutions to manage weather-related earnings risks.

Uniper Market Solutions

Uniper Market Solutions: your expert portfolio management team

We offer energy suppliers, utilities, and large industrial customers expert energy advice through our independent, BaFin-licensed portfolio management company.

Contact our Market Solutions team to get more information about their services:

Market Solutions

Uniper Market Solutions