Minimize damage, maximize gain

With its specialized technology, Enerlytics can provide a complete overview of a power plant's asset health. Using past and present data to predict the future, a suite of digitally connected products and services can analyze plant operations, performance, risk status and maintenance - all on one central platform. 

Internal rate of return

56 %

payback in 6 months

Time savings

15 %

reduction in outage time

Capital expenditure

20 %

reduction in CAPEX

Multiple core elements in a single secure platform

Pulling large quantities of different types of big data from multiple sources into one central digital platform, the Enerlytics tool uses scenario modelling and pattern recognition to identify areas for adjustment and repair, help assess hidden damage and potential risks, and suggest ways to optimize operations. 

Modern predictive asset maintenance

Flexible and OEM independent, Enerlytics presents big data on a central platform, offering a  360° overview of the power plant and providing valuable insights about its future. In today's volatile markets, this is the digital strategy operators need to obtain a complete overview of operations - from wherever they are. 

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We'd love to meet you at one of our upcoming events! Please feel free to come to our stand, where you can find out more about the Enerlytics digital platform and, if you're interested, request a demonstration. 

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