Custom-built analytics

The Enerlytics digital platform is a powerful plant optimization software that offers a full, end-to-end view of your power plant, supporting operations and maintenance through to market and trading activities, storage and demand side management. Presenting custom-built analytics on a single central platform, Enerlytics can give you the autonomy to make better decisions, resulting in improved flexibility, financial gain, and market leadership in the future. 



With Enerlytics, you're never more than a few clicks away from the complete picture. Enerlytics monitors what's happening at every second, analyzes big data from multiple sources and in multiple formats, and identifies opportunities to improve performance. Enerlytics asks the right questions at the right time - allowing you to focus on meeting your performance objectives.



The Enerlytics platform provides valuable insights that can help you analyze market trends, optimize scheduling to meet supply demand, and make better decisions - whether you're on- or offsite. Allowing access to real-time condition data for all assets, the tool makes it easier to optimize operations, improve overall plant efficiency and profitability, and refine future strategy.



Enerlytics' ability to pinpoint issues helps staff focus on understanding causes and finding solutions. In turn, this allows the plant manager to cross-reference market demand with the plant's asset performance, identifying areas for improvement that will offer exciting opportunities, helping secure the plant's position in today's increasingly competitive energy markets.

Scalability, speed, and security

Enerlytics is vendor agnostic and absolutely independent of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). As an owner-operator, we have no interest in selling you any equipment you don't need. The tool is highly customizable, so components can be purchased in their entirety or else incorporated into existing systems to align with specific preferences. 


Massive scalability

Ability to accommodate ever increasing quantities of big data.



Streaming and batch analytics, modelling and machine learning.

end to end security

End-to-end security

In-depth and multi-layered data protection at all levels.

How it works

Enerlytics allows companies to tackle problems in ways that would previously have been unrealistic. The 360° solution consolidates multiple core elements into a single secure platform, enabling plant operators to develop and track a structured risk strategy and focus on the plant's commercial effectiveness.  

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