Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management

The Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management cluster harnesses power plant monitoring technologies to collect, analyze, and improve machinery condition data across the assets in your organization, providing a complete picture of plant health. Whole plant condition monitoring alerts the user to potential concerns via digital models built using sensor data. Once this is reviewed in our monitoring center, a diagnosis is made and a predictive maintenance strategy can be developed and implemented into the process, helping to reduce costs.

Asset Performance Management

The Asset Performance Management cluster features software with primary big data performance management functions. The cluster offers actionable insights into emissions monitoring, plant efficiency, thermodynamic performance and more, allowing operators to monitor and manage the performance and reliability of individual assets in the power plant or entire fleet. Units at different sites can be tracked against each other, allowing quick identification of best-performing units to improve the performance of other assets in the fleet.

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Asset Risk Management

The Asset Risk Management cluster uses scenarios to enable risk managers to develop and track a structured risk assessment and management strategy. Developed with industry experts, the platform’s risk management capabilities are comprehensive, and user tested. Risks can be catalogued, graded, and ranked, allowing you to better identify and understand risks to your assets, potential consequences, and the level of safety that is recommended. No matter the size of your organization, the module is scalable to your requirements. 

Asset Market Optimization

The Asset Market Optimization cluster focuses on the commercial performance of your operation. The cluster contains advanced software tools that help maximize the financial return on your portfolio across multiple markets – including energy, emissions, and fuel markets – and reduce running costs. The software solution captures feeds of key market data from a range of commodities and providers, and then combines these prices with data captured from your own organization for assessment and analysis of profitability. 

Asset Planning & Valuation

With the Asset Planning & Valuation software cluster, you can combine energy market analysis with technical reporting to better understand an investment’s financial potential. Interactive models provide advanced forecasting based on market conditions, allowing assessment of investment in new or existing assets. Explore potential future scenarios relating to energy prices, security of supply, carbon intensity, and other interesting metrics, and successfully manage your power plant’s flexible, multi-asset portfolio.  

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