Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management

The Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management cluster harnesses power plant monitoring technologies to improve machinery condition data across assets in your organization, providing a complete picture of plant health. Whole plant condition monitoring, using our proprietary software SpheriCAL, identifies potential maintenance concerns via digital models built using sensor data, so that a predictive maintenance strategy can be developed and implemented. 

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Maintenance strategy

The predictive method involves forecasting machinery failure trends based on the machinery’s actual condition. With the help of predictive maintenance tools, you can not only accurately predict failures ahead of time, but also optimize your asset maintenance planning strategy. Access real-time condition data for all assets and cross-reference data insights for more effective decision making around asset risk management and cost benefit analysis.



The consultancy review helps us set up a maintenance strategy for your organization.



The digital output of the review can be used to track processes and reduce costs.

Maintenance optimization


Advanced condition analytics allows you to adopt a condition-based strategy.

Predictive Maintenance Hub

Enerlytics not only tells you the current condition of your plant assets and asset performance, it allows you to predict the future trend of the assets’ condition. Enerlytics provides you with an end-to-end view on all aspects of plant maintenance to help significantly reduce unscheduled downtime. Our real-time machine learning SpheriCAL software maps recurrent condition data patterns to provide an accurate prediction of future machine deterioration, flagging abnormalities before they can turn into serious problems or cause failure. 

Maintenance Strategy Planner

Enerlytics can help maximize uptime. The software uses advanced condition monitoring alongside other information sources to provide you with advance warning of machine failure across all the assets in your organization’s fleet. So you’ll be better equipped to plan maintenance tasks and optimize use of your resources. With the backing of condition analytics, there’s no need for general, time-based planning, so maintenance cycles can be shorter and less frequent.

Maintenance Optimization

The core principle of predictive maintenance is to ensure that maintenance of your assets is planned well in advance, and only performed when it’s needed. Using Enerlytics’ predictive maintenance tool, you can not only accurately predict machinery failure ahead of time, but optimize the entire process of maintenance planning. Such predictive insight makes it simpler to schedule maintenance activity when it’s most cost-effective and before operational performance is affected. 

Maintenance Strategy Review

Using Enerlytics Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management provides actionable insights with which to optimize processes across your power plant. You’ll be able to minimize unplanned outages and potentially costly loss of production, using Enerlytics’ advanced technology to pull together vibration analysis, other condition monitoring techniques, and plant management functionality. Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management can help you to improve the efficiency and reliability of individual assets and the entire fleet, and also enhance the short and long-term commercial success of your power plant.

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Asset Performance Management

The Asset Performance Management cluster features software with primary big data performance management functions. The cluster helps you monitor, manage, and optimize performance across the organization, tracking and comparing machinery at different sites to allow quick identification of best-performing assets. 

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