Asset Market Optimization

The Asset Market Optimization cluster is an advanced software solution that helps manage and reduce the running costs of energy assets. It provides in-depth optimization analysis so you can better understand your trading position in the energy market. With a 360-degree view of your portfolio, you can reduce risk exposure, optimize asset management strategies, maximize plant investment, and extract the maximum value from your energy portfolio across multiple markets.

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Power Portfolio Optimization

In today’s volatile energy market, Power Portfolio Optimization provides the software solution you need to optimize management of assets and meet demand. The application allows you to adjust parameters and price curves, so you have the flexibility to create, run, and compare bespoke scenarios. You can use it to incorporate data from your risk management system, allowing you to factor risk strategies into all aspects of your operation, and to provide a support system for strategic decision-making that minimizes your exposure to risk.

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Asset Planning & Valuation

With the Asset Planning & Valuation cluster, you can combine energy market analysis with technical reporting to better understand an investment’s financial potential. Interactive models provide advanced forecasting based on market conditions, allowing assessment of investment in new or existing assets. Explore potential future

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