Asset Performance Management

The Asset Performance Management cluster features software with primary big data performance management functions. Use performance data to optimize operation processes, and monitor and manage the performance and reliability of individual assets in the power plant or entire fleet. From predictive asset maintenance to power plant efficiency and emissions, the cluster provides the tools you need to minimize costs, edge out the competition, and satisfy demand.

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Plant Performance Tracker

Units at different sites in the power plant can be tracked against each other, allowing quick identification of best-performing units to improve the performance of other assets in the fleet. Enerlytics can carry out non-stop checks and comparisons of plant start-ups and shutdowns, analyzing the data to show where discrepancies have occured and flagging abnormalities before they become problems. If asked to do so, the Plant Performance Tracker can record processes and show which assets are performing well and how others can be optimized.

Thermodynamic Modelling Suite

Enerlytics can provide thermodynamic simulation software to enable you to monitor your plant’s performance, watch assets interact, and understand how this affects overall performance. The PROATES software is presented via an interactive interface where you can rapidly construct, update, and analyze models, according to a wide range of categories and from a vast pool of instruments and components. Each element incorporated into a model consists of its own unique set of equations, covering performance, mass momentum, and energy transfers.

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Asset Risk Management

The Asset Risk Management cluster uses scenarios to enable you to develop a structured risk assessment and management strategy. Created with industry experts, the cluster’s risk management capabilities are comprehensive and user tested. No matter the size of your organization, the module is scalable to your requirements. 

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