Asset Planning & Valuation

With the Asset Planning & Valuation software cluster, you're using a system that combines energy market analysis with technical reporting to enable better understanding of an investment's financial potential. Interactive models provide advanced forecasting based on market conditions for power generation including renewable energy, allowing more accurate accounting, and assessment of your investments in existing assets or new acquisitions. Asset Planning & Valuation allows you to explore potential future scenarios and more successfully manage a flexible, multi-asset portfolio. 

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Maintenance Budget Management

Maintenance Budget Management uses scenario modelling and simulation to provide advanced forecasting based on known market conditions, allowing you to decide whether an investment is worth making. Within set parameters, data is fed into the model; the output is designed to assess project viability. Maintenance Budget Management allows you to explore future possible scenarios regarding energy prices, turbine lifespan, security of supply, carbon intensity, and other metrics relating to power systems, so you can confidently plan and manage the allocation of your investment budget.

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Asset valuation

To enable accurate asset valuation and increased profitability and efficiency, conventional power generation for the grid must work towards ultra flexibility. Enerlytics can supply the advanced online maintenance solutions and industry expertise you need to help navigate the volatile energy market and secure a sustainable future for your turbines and other assets. Using Enerlytics predictive data software to improve performance, you can swiftly determine economic efficiency and risk reduction, create financial reports, and identify areas where a cost reduction could bring economic gain. With Enerlytics, you can build a flexible strategy that serves to extend your plant’s life while creating an adaptable framework that allows you to embrace the opportunities that arise out of market change.

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