Asset Risk Management

Enerlytics risk management capabilities can be broken down into two separate aspects: technical risk management (asset maintenance) and enterprise risk management (financial performance of investments). The Asset Risk Management cluster uses scenarios to enable risk managers to develop and track winning risk assessment and management strategies. No matter the size of your organization, the Asset Risk Management module is scalable to your requirements.

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Risk Management Standards

Over many years of owning and operating our own assets, we’ve created a database of risk management standards covering how we manage risk across technologies. This library is available through the Enerlytics platform and is invaluable for operating and managing a fleet. Risk Management Standards ensure that risk management undertaken by engineers adheres to best practice standards, so that you can better identify and assess hazards and potential outages and decide how to develop risk management strategies to ensure the safety of your assets. 

Asset Risk Tracker

The Asset Risk Tracker allows risks to be catalogued, graded, and ranked, so you can better understand the risk and level of caution required. Our risk management tool AERO establishes the current condition of your power generation assets and identifies opportunities to improve performance. Our comprehensive Bowtie risk assessment function enables you to quickly analyze potential threats to your assets and investments. Using these functions, you can clearly model and understand scenarios and possible outcomes for your investment strategy.

Operations Process Analysis

Operations Process Analysis enables swift prioritization of assets, allowing you to make comparisons between risks from different plant areas or across fleets, improving cost control across the organization and ensuring effective fund allocation to reduce risk and leverage opportunities as they arise. With the Operations Process Analysis application, you can use scenario modelling to work through multiple mitigation strategies for various risks before implementing the most suitable approach according to your risk management strategy.   

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Asset Market Optimization

The Asset Market Optimization cluster contains advanced tools that help increase profit on your portfolio across multiple markets. Focusing on commercial performance, the application captures feeds of key market data from a range of commodities and providers, and combines these prices with data captured from your organization.

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