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As an OEM-independent organization, we designed Enerlytics to ensure full compatibility with a range of systems, so you have absolute control of your asset management decision making. Whether you want single parts of the software or the full solution with engineering and asset management support, we can cater for your needs. If you'd like to test the platform, we can arrange for you to receive the demo presentation using Uniper's own data from one of our power stations. 

Increase accountability and meet objectives

Unlike most other providers, we'll take the time to work together with you to develop a tailor-made solution that exactly fits your individual needs. Once we've formed a first impression of your power plant's needs, we'll suggest a broad strategy towards addressing the current situation before creating a proof of concept using your actual site data. We'll always keep your organization's objectives at the forefront of our minds, and focus on what offers you the most benefits. 

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Cost & requirements

You don't need us to tell you that every power station has its unique challenges and requirements. That's why we won't give you a fixed price to develop a strategy or install the Enerlytics digital platform; it all depends on which parts of the tool - which clusters and applications - you choose to purchase. We can install the full package so you get the full benefit of the platform, or we can connect single applications to your current system. Whatever works for you. 

Customer support

We offer our customers continuous support, every step of the way through the implementation process. So if you make the decision to implement Enerlytics within your organization, we'll be there to offer advice whenever you need it. Our average time for first response is from 24 for 48 hours, and Enerlytics Regional Directors are ready to provide further support in many regions. Whatever the issue, we'll do our best to provide speedy answers and advice - so that you can concentrate on meeting objectives and outperforming the competition. 

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