Embrace and implement innovation

Today’s challenges for the energy industry aren’t the same that we’ll be facing tomorrow. The changing energy landscape demands that to remain competitive and achieve their objectives, organizations must take steps to embrace and implement innovation. With Enerlytics, you’ll gain broad in-depth knowledge, not only of your fleet and its assets, but also of past, current, and future commercial activity. So that you can be sure you’re doing the maximum to increase the commercial attractiveness of your power station and help secure its future.

Identifying challenges and evaluating solutions

When you purchase Enerlytics, you’re purchasing Uniper’s expert knowledge and support. Throughout the implementation process and beyond, your new platform will be supported by our high-end experts. We’ll work with you to identify challenges and objectives, evaluate which solutions are best suited to deliver the best value from your assets. 

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Security & control

Our in-depth, multi-layered platform security model supports all classifications of data - from open to nationally sensitive - at all levels, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for sensitive information. Enerlytics employs customizable user access controls and an Oauth2 authorization framework, and is subject to regular security assessments. 

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Data architecture

The backbone of Enerlytics is its multi-layered data architecture, Enerlytics.Core. The persistence layer pulls together vast quantities of disparate data from across the plant, analyzing it at speed and enabling the platform to run advanced real-time analytical capabilities and trend prediction. 

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Cost & requirements

You don’t need us to tell you that every power station has its unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we won’t give you a fixed price to develop a strategy or install the Enerlytics digital platform: it all depends on which parts of the tool – which clusters and applications – you choose to purchase. We can install the full package so you get the full benefit of the platform, or we can connect single applications to your current system. Whatever works for you.

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