Enerlytics: The New IIoT Platform for Power Generation Plants


With the new B2B platform "Enerlytics", we are providing our customers in the energy generation business with the perfect entry-level solution for digital transformation

Enerlytics is the internally developed digital platform for energy generation plants that combines or will combine all the digital offerings in Uniper and packages them into an all-encompassing, easy to use platform that can be used to monitor the status of the plant, manage performance and risk, and plan maintenance. Enerlytics is designed to help our customers improve the performance and efficiency of their plants.

The new platform combines analysis and real-time reporting with personalized software tools, thereby providing customers with a 360-degree view of the operating performance of their generation plants. Thanks to an executive dashboard and personalized software tools, our customers who use Enerlytics not only benefit from our engineering expertise, but are also equipped with a new B2B platform that analyzes and evaluates the operating performance of their plants in real time. All aspects of the value chain are supported.

For us, Enerlytics represents an important milestone in the changing energy market and our digitization strategy. With a selected few Uniper customers already using our portal, the new digital platform builds on decades of experience in plant operation and production support. "The market launch of Enerlytics forms part of our new digital business strategy to redesign our value chain to meet the demands of today's modern world," says Pete Davies, our Head of Software Engineering & Data Science.

With Enerlytics, we have interlinked every piece of software that we have developed in recent years and combined this with the specialist knowledge of plant owners and operators — in other words, we have consolidated it all into a single platform. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers run their generation plants more efficiently and optimize their decision-making processes.

Visit Enerlytics website to get more information or have a look at their Youtube playlist!



Pete Davies
Enerlytics Head of Software Engineering & Data Science
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