LIQVIS opens permanent public LNG filling station near Berlin

  • First of a planned 14 permanent LNG filling stations successfully put into operation
  • LNG refueling available 24/7
  • LIQVIS and Uniper are leaders in the push to transform mobility

LIQVIS opened its first permanent public filling station for liquefied natural gas (LNG) today. This marks another step in the development of a network of LNG filling stations aimed at meeting demand and the next phase in the company’s ongoing effort to expand LNG in the heavy vehicle sector. The station is one of the first permanent LNG filling stations in Germany and was built at a strategic junction in Grünheide just outside Berlin. Grünheide has an especially high volume of delivery vehicles and the filling station is able to fulfill demand for LNG due to its excellent accessibility for logistics companies and heavy transport vehicles.

This is the first filling station that LIQVIS has established through the EU’s "Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport" program - the Uniper subsidiary received up to 9.6 million euros in funding from Brussels. Additional filling stations are planned for central locations such as Hamburg, Hanover, Kassel, Munich, Kamen, Ulm and Cologne. Meanwhile, in France and Belgium, three new filling stations each are planned for Metz, Calais and Vitrolles as well as in Liege, Antwerp and Brussels that will contribute to the supply of LNG.

Trucks that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) are more environmentally sustainable than those that use conventional fuels. They not only emit substantially less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, they are much quieter than comparable vehicles with diesel engines. Moreover, relative to tank size, refrigerated liquefied natural gas contains 600 times more energy than normal natural gas. That means trucks with natural gas engines can also be used in long-haul transport. The technology is now well established and is already widely in use in the logistics sector.

The Grünheide location will allow two LNG vehicles to fill up with liquefied natural gas simultaneously round the clock, seven days a week. Depending on the tank size, a single refueling only takes between four and eight minutes and can be sufficient for a route of up to 1,600 km. The new station is open to the public and provides easy access to transport companies at a strategic traffic junction.

Oliver Giese, Senior Vice President for Infrastructure Management at Uniper, says:

"Particularly in light of the marked increase in road freight haulage, LNG offers a quick and efficient solution for more environmentally sustainable heavy vehicle traffic on the roads. Policy makers at the national level have contributed to the development of the market by providing funding through the Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the acquisition of LNG trucks and by allowing for toll exemptions through 2020. Along with uniform approval processes, what is increasingly needed now is the support and encouragement of municipalities and local authorities in developing more sites like the one in Grünheide. In order to accelerate the expansion of the network of LNG filling stations, it will be necessary to take a cooperative approach with all stakeholders involved."

Silvano Calcagno, Managing Director of LIQVIS, says:

"Vehicles, drive systems and refueling technology for LNG have achieved the necessary industrial maturity and are already available on the market. By developing a demand-driven network of LNG filling stations in Germany and select neighboring countries, we seek to promote the further expansion of LNG in commercial transport. By improving environmental sustainability and reducing road traffic noise, we are making an important contribution to the energy transition. The toll exemption for trucks that operate on natural gas, which has already been decided, is a big first step in the right direction."

Those present at today’s opening included Guido Beermann, Undersecretary in the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), together with numerous guests from the worlds of politics and business.

About LIQVIS and Uniper

As a subsidiary of the international energy company Uniper, LIQVIS is building a demand-driven infrastructure for LNG in commercial transport. Since 2017, the company has operated two LNG filling stations in Germany. Uniper is active worldwide with approximately 12,000 employees and operations in Europe, Russia and numerous other markets. The company operates power plants in Europe and Russia with an installed capacity of approximately 37 gigawatts and creates new relations between global energy markets through their commercial activities. Uniper is one of the leading companies in the LNG business and is represented at many stages of the LNG value chain.

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