LIQVIS Receives EU “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport” Funding

  • LIQVIS receives up to 9.6 million euros in EU funding
  • 14 fueling stations to be added to LNG station network by 2019

The Uniper subsidiary LIQVIS will be funded in the future by the EU program “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport”. LIQVIS managed to prevail with its LNG4Trucks Project, and has now received the commitment for funding of up to 9.6 million euros. The promised funds will help LIQVIS build 14 more fueling stations for trucks using the climate-friendly fuel LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). The plan is to operate LNG fueling stations at strategic locations with particularly high commercial traffic. Eight new fueling stations are planned by 2019 at central locations in Germany such as Hanover, Cologne and Munich, while Belgium and France will each get three new fueling stations to provide LNG. This LNG fueling station supply network is designed to lower existing barriers to market entry for customers in the logistics sector and establish LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel for heavy duty transport. The expansion of the LNG infrastructure is accompanied by technical studies, market analyses and surveys on positive effects on the environment and business.

The CEF for funding of transport systems and infrastructure is part of the TEN-T Program of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, and is one of the primary tools of the European Commission for supporting transport-related infrastructures within the EU. The European Commission has acknowledged the necessity of supporting alternative environmentally friendly fuels, and LIQVIS was awarded the highest possible funding. With a funding rate of 50 percent, Uniper commits to an equal contribution, thereby investing in the climate-friendly future of the transportation industry.

Eckhardt Rümmler, who as Uniper’s Chief Operating Officer is responsible for, among other things, the development of new business lines, adds: “The creation of more LNG fueling stations is crucial to the ongoing establishment of LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel for use in heavy duty transport. Through this funding and our own investment, we are taking one major step closer to creating a comprehensive LNG fueling station network. We expect a positive effect on other businesses, gradually converting their truck fleets to LNG trucks; in the final analysis, customers are increasingly attaching importance to low-emission supply chains. We want to create a demand-driven LNG fueling station network through further partnerships in Germany and selected neighboring countries over the coming years.

Silvano Calcagno, Managing Director of LIQVIS GmbH, is pleased that the EU Commission recognizes the potential of LNG as a fuel: “Thanks to the EU funding and the support from Uniper, LIQVIS can now raise the necessary capital to lay the cornerstone for a demand-driven LNG fueling station network in Europe. Both myself and the entire LIQVIS team are very happy that our efforts and work in Brussels have paid off. Now we can make a major contribution to the improvement of environmental compatibility and noise reduction in road traffic.”

About LIQVIS and Uniper

As a subsidiary of Uniper, LIQVIS is building a demand-driven infrastructure for LNG in commercial transport. Uniper is an international energy company with approximately 13,000

employees and operations in Europe, Russia and numerous other markets worldwide. The company operates power plants in Europe and Russia with an installed capacity of approximately 40 gigawatts and creates relations between global energy markets through their commercial activities, with direct access to LNG resources. LIQVIS opened the first LNG fueling station in Germany in Ulm in June 2016, followed by another in Berlin in 2017.


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