Meet our trainee Pan – with passion for architecture and energy


Prapapan Suleeporn, or Pan as she is called, is originally from Bangkok. Pan gives a subtle impression, but behind the gentle facade is a woman with black belt in taekwondo. At the beginning of April, she landed in Sweden and will serve for three months at GT Nordic, as part of her trainee position at Uniper.

Architectural engineering, innovation and energy production

Pan grew up in Thailand, but studied architectural engineering in Japan, before moving to the UK to take her master's degree in innovation management. Pan has already had two placements in Germany within Uniper's trainee program, she normally lives in Duisburg, but now she is looking forward to working as part of the global Uniper Gas Turbine organization for three months at GT Nordic with placements in Malmö.

“I will primarily work with development of processes and planning for service and maintenance at the Öresundsverket. But I will also work with monthly performance reports and mid-term planning”, says Pan.

A good work-life balance is also important

So, who is Pan when she's not at work? The list of interests is long: she loves music and plays both guitar and piano herself, in the winter she likes to go snowboarding, but what she perhaps loves most of all is sketching. On Instagram, her interest in architecture meets her artistic side. Having a good work-life balance is also important for Pan, and she feels that she finds that at Uniper.

“ When I'm traveling, I draw buildings, and share them on my Instagram account @pan.sketch. I have a passion for architecture and find it fun to share this interest with others through my sketching.”

At GT Nordic, Pan hopes to learn more about the Swedish energy system, how Uniper's gas turbines work and how they are connected to Sweden's disruption reserve. But she also wants to gain better knowledge in how the maintenance work is set up, and the technical aspects of this planning. As for the future, Pan hopes to be able to continue working in the energy sector, and preferably at Uniper. She finds project management and innovation in energy production inspirational fields of work.

But what is her first impression of Sweden?

“The first thing that strikes one is what rich and fantastic nature Sweden has, and that there is so much space. I grew up in Bangkok, where it is just the opposite. I really appreciate the Swedish nature, and the Swedes are very relaxed and friendly. It's easy to thrive here.”

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