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Uniper demonstrates fairness and an appreciation of diversity - not just on Diversity Day

As a large international company in the energy sector, we have not only taken up the cause of diversity and integration, we are making it part of our everyday reality. We demonstrated as much during our recent Diversity Day, which we took as an opportunity to celebrate and promote diversity at our company. On May 28, 2019 our teams set up and coordinated numerous internal events at multiple Uniper locations in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Benelux countries.

This marked the seventh year that Diversity Charter signatories mobilized for Diversity Day, which businesses and institutions use to highlight their commitment to this issue.

Uniper signed onto the Diversity Charter in 2016 and once again took part in Diversity Day events. At international buffets and town hall meetings, as well as through role play and team discussions held this year, employees were able to exchange views on matters relating to diversity and inclusion and had an opportunity to get to know a variety of perspectives and share their experiences with integration. Several of our colleagues, for example, spent a day in wheelchairs in order to experience a different perspective and identify potential barriers in the office – just one of many ways of enhancing a sense of team spirit. In addition, virtual classroom training afforded space for self-reflection, ideas and suggestions.















Owing to demographic change and a shift in values as well as globalization, we live in a world with few remaining boundaries. As a consequence, success in business now also depends on the ability to encourage diversity within a company and make profitable use of it.

Talented people with differing backgrounds in terms of nationality, age, gender and other characteristics make teams more innovative, creative and productive as a result of the different ways of thinking they bring to the table – and as an international company, that’s what makes us stronger. We as a group therefore see heterogeneity as an opportunity to counter the shortage in skilled personnel, tap into new target groups and markets, develop innovative products and solutions, and respond systematically to trends.

“Uniper’s goal is to establish a company culture in which all our employees can feel secure and respected and which encourages them to share ideas with each other and try out new things. Fostering this kind of creativity is essential to our success,” emphasizes Eckhardt Rümmler, member of the Uniper Management Board and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

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