Power producer with a broad energy mix

Uniper's generation fleet in France encompasses a range of energy sources: coal, gas, wind, and solar. To enhance our proportion of renewables, we’ve recently converted Unit 4 at Provence power station from coal to biomass. With our power plants, we not only generate mid- and peak-load power, but we also play a major role on the French market regarding supply-demand balance.

More information on our sales operations in France can be found on the respective country page and our French website.

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Emile Huchet

Location Saint-Avold, Lorraine
Commissioned 1981 (Unit 6), 2010 (Units 7/8)
Electrical net output 1,423 MW
Fuel Hard coal, natural gas


Location Meyreuil
Commissioned 1984 (Unit 5), 2018 (Unit 4 conversion)
Electrical net output 595 MW (Unit 5), 150 MW (Unit 4)
Fuel Hard coal, biomass
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Onshore wind parks

We own six onshore wind parks across France, with a combined installed capacity of 84 MW.

The parks were commissioned between 2008 and 2010.

Photovoltaic farms

We own two photovoltaic farms in the Provence region.

Brigadel has an installed capacity of 8 MW, Le Lauzet of 2.5 MW.

Both PV farms were commissioned in 2010.