Almost everything that is produced depend on chemical products – the shoes you wear, the car you drive and the food you eat. Chemical products are traditionally based on fossil raw materials such as coal, oil and methanol. Project Air enables the move from fossil based production methods in the chemical industry to circular, using carbon emissions and other residue streams as raw material, combined with gasification of biomethane and integrated with a world scale electrolysis unit using purified wastewater and renewable electricity, provided by Uniper.

Project Air will produce sustainable methanol which will substitute all the fossil methanol used by Perstorp in Europe as raw material for chemical products, thereby reducing of carbon emissions by about 500 000 tons annually, equaling the emissions of 340 000 petrol cars.

    A breakthrough innovation

    Project Air combines existing technologies in an innovative concept to produce sustainable methanol. Uniper contribute with experience and deep knowledge in constructing and operating electrolysis plants for large scale hydrogen production.

    The partners are confident that Project Air will, when fully developed, be of interest to chemical industries around the globe as it clearly shows that it is possible to make the shift from fossil raw materials to circular production, and that collaboration is a key driver towards a climate neutral industry.

    In 2021 Project Air acquired the support of the Swedish Energy Agency and in March, Project Air was approved for the next level of evaluation within the frame of the EU Innovation Fund. Project Air is planned to be producing sustainable methanol 2025.

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