Our experience of developing and operating energy assets for over 100 years makes us the natural first choice when you need an independent advocate and source of expertise. We know how to protect your business case.

Independent advice, project governance, project management, coordination and engineering – we tailor our service to your requirements.

We use our experience as project developer, owner and operator to ensure your interests and priorities are met throughout the entire life cycle of an investment, and to ensure your business case and NPV stay intact.

In the event of warranty claims, negotiations and legal proceedings, our experience as expert witness can be relied upon to support you during initial fact finding through to early resolution, arbitration and during legal proceedings.

Your benefits

Our services will support you to:

  • Ensure projects stay in or below budget, and meet specified quality and time schedules
  • Minimize project complexity
  • Minimize potential claims
  • Achieve highest health and safety standards
  • Present a robust case in warranty claims, arbitration and court hearings

Case studies

Expert Witness

Insurance payout halved

Our insurance company client was involved in a claim arising from the failure of a steam turbine which resulted in loss of generation and major component replacement. We determined the root cause of the failure and our expert technical advice was utilized throughout a dispute over the root cause, both prior and during the court case. Our expertise covered materials, cycle chemistry, steam turbine and stress analysis. Following our input, the claim against our client was halved in value.

Warranty claim avoided

The failure of relay contacts led to an inadvertent circuit breaker closure and severe damage to a generator rotor. On behalf of our insurance company client we analyzed the processes and decisions leading up to the incident to identify at which stage in the project the fault had occurred. A different insurance company was responsible for claims relevant to this stage. Our client used our findings to resolve a dispute with the other insurers over liability for the fault. Our client avoided payment of a significant warranty claim.

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Andy Bethell

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Thomas Schlieck

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