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We can help you to achieve full value from your assets. From independently challenging OEMs during outages and new build projects, to novel inspection techniques, failure investigations and delivering multi national pipelines, here are just a few of our stories.  

We regularly update our case studies and many of them are available freely below. From time to time, some articles may require you to sign up to download them.

Environmental upgrade

See how we extended plant operating life with tendering, procurement, design, novel adaptations and by challenging the OEM

Outage repairs

See how our expert independent outage support saved our client money by identifying repairs instead of costly replacements

Variations in biomass

Discover how operators of biomass-fired energy plants can now use our research data for optimum feedstock sourcing

vibration monitoring

See how our vibration monitoring gave early warning of a defect and enabled machinery to operate until repairs were needed


See how our multi-disciplinary services mean a complex multi-national project will be delivered on time

Wind turbine foundations

See how our repair technique successfully tackled cracked joints in turbine nacelle frames at onshore and offshore wind farms

Environmental standards

Find out how our clean cooling idea tackled microbial films on a cooling system to boost efficiency and environmental standards

Wind turbine

See how our innovative inspection technique assesses the integrity of grout in monopile foundations of offshore wind turbines

CCGT piping

Find out how changes to cycle chemistry in a high pressure evaporator circuit minimized corrosion risks of low-load operation


See how our independent investigation ensured fleet availability and timely component replacements, within warranty, at no cost

Boiler tube

Discover how our recommended alloy 625 weld overlay protects against costly boiler tube leaks, avoiding long outages

Energy recovery

Find out how our independent data on furnace performance supported the design and evaluation of proposed plant improvements


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