With decades of experience building, operating and continually optimizing our portfolio of over 11 GW of coal-fired assets in Europe and Russia, we understand the challenges of maximizing the return on investment from coal-fired plant

Over the past two decades we have built coal-fired plants in the Netherlands, Germany and Russia, converted several European plants to full or partial biomass firing, and managed the upgrade of coal-fired assets internationally.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in plant life extension, with our specialists responsible for major refurbishments that have ensured the extended safe operation of plants between 20 and 25 years on their original design life.



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Case Studies

Through-life Services

Reduce risk of boiler slagging

Our client has experienced zero problem with slagging since our solution was implemented. We developed new in-house Triplot Index calculations which have proved far more reliable than single Ash Fusion Temperature test results.

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Feasibility, Construction, Commissioning

Building new coal-fired plants

We have provided turnkey services for new 1,100 MW hard coal-fired plants across Europe and an 800 MW lignite-fired plant in Russia. All were designed with supercritical steam parameters to achieve state-of-the-art, high plant efficiency values. Our client focused on their core business while we used proven skills and experience to take care of project governance, project management, engineering, procurement, and site and commissioning management

Operation & Maintenance

Innovative approach to reducing start-up times

Working closely with our client’s operations and engineering teams, we significantly reduced start-up times.

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Asset Management & Optimization

Ultra-low-load operation

Our innovative approach to flexible operation has shown that ultra-low-load operation is achievable, we have valuable experience of the potential challenges and benefits for your plant.

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Innovative solution for managing end of life

We are sharing our expertise to support a UK generator‘s decommissioning strategy for their large coal-fired asset. Our feasibility studies into the disentanglement of various systems will allow for resale opportunities and the long-term preservation of boiler components for future developments. This is part of the ongoing work we are doing with our client to provide innovative solutions in the decommissioning and demolition phases in order to maximize any potential value opportunities.

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John Tomlinson

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Martin Proll

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Doug Waters

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