Wir bieten innovative, spannende Schulungsprogramme für Energie-, Ingenieur- und Fertigungsunternehmen.

Dank unserer Mitgliedschaft in Berufsverbänden wie dem Institut für Ingenieurwesen und Technologie (Institution of Engineering and Technology) und dem Institut für Maschinenbau (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) sind wir in der Lage, ein breites Spektrum an Fort- und Weiterbildungskursen anzubieten. Viele dieser Uniper-Trainings gelten in der Energiewirtschaft und darüber hinaus als Industriestandard.

Unsere Trainingskurse leben vom dem Wissen und Erfahrungsschatz unserer Kursleiter, von denen viele eine langjährige Erfahrung in der Energiewirtschaft und tief reichende technische Kenntnisse mitbringen.

In Schulungszentren vermitteln wir nicht nur theoretisches Wissen. Wir gehen noch einen Schritt weiter, und beziehen auch praktische Einheiten mit ein. Auf diese Weise machen wir die Uniper-Trainings spannend und führen die Kursteilnehmer aus einer sicheren Ausbildungsumgebung an die reale Arbeitswelt heran.

Our solutions

Health and Safety Training

Whatever type of plant you operate, health and safety is top priority. We offer high-quality professional training in high voltage operations and risk management, behavioural safety and incident investigation.which can be tailored to your needs. 

Our training team have vast experience in designing bespoke programmes or tailoring existing courses to suit your requirements, and all of our training courses can be delivered at our training centre or in the convenience of your own facility.

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Knowledge Assurance / Training Needs Analysis

We assess technical knowledge held by staff, allowing strengths and weaknesses on a certain topic/discipline to be quickly ascertained. Where gaps are identified, proactive actions can be taken in the form of training and development to increase knowledge and maintain staff competency.

Our tool can be tailored to the business needs in terms of topic and questions asked. The user can answer the questions from anywhere – the online nature of it allows for greater flexibility for even remote staff. It also allows you to see results depicted in graph form for easy interpretation, allowing for swifter action to be taken where necessary.

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Early careers and Professional Development


Are you planning to reinforce your engineering workforce by introducing fresh young talent which could include school leavers to undergraduates?

If you want your new starters to be equipped with industry specific practical skills, in addition to thorough theoretical understanding of engineering principles then we can help you. Whether it’s our award winning level 3 Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (MOET) standard, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) or forthcoming level 7 degree apprenticeship, we have something that will work for your business and provide your recruits with skills for life.

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The Community of Professional Engineers and Scientists (CoPES) is a professional development community which promotes and supports all engineers and scientists toward achieving professional registration. If your organisation proactively supports workforce development, then CoPES can help the organisation and its employees achieve its goals.

The benefits of CoPES include the motivation to increase skills and knowledge, which is appealing to both prospective and existing employees.  Professional development further demonstrates evidence of expertise, competence and commitment - those who become registered will spend a number of years developing skills, knowledge and understanding within the engineering/scientific fields. Competence can also be bench-marked across all sites, allowing for knowledge to be standardized across multiple locations.

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Graduate Development

The Engineering Academy manage and support the UK Generation and UTG engineering graduate schemes. We provide a comprehensive induction for all engineering graduates joining Uniper in the UK, as well as support and development throughout the schemes. We provide:

  • Placements
  • Development courses
  • Regular reviews and feedback

The Uniper Engineering Graduate Scheme supports the Generation business and is focused on developing engineers and senior managers for the engineering business. The Science and Engineering Excellence Graduate Scheme is designed to recruit and develop a future pipeline for our highly technical science and engineering roles, whilst also offering the opportunity to follow a career path of a technical specialist, Project or People Manager. 

For further information get in touch with our early careers manager emma.morris@uniper.energy