Uniper’s long experience in the development of energy distribution infrastructure and grids gives us a deep understanding of the challenges in connecting the large-scale expansion of renewables.

With a team of over 100 dedicated electrical engineers across Europe, we will support you to integrate the rapid expansion of renewable and decentralized power sources whilst ensuring security of supply. Our decades of experience as a provider of engineering services to one of Europe’s largest energy generation and distribution businesses makes us your ideal partner to meet these challenges in the most efficient, technically secure and cost effective way.

We provide solutions in line with your priorities and independent of the supply chain. This can reduce the cost of your project and your reliance on original equipment manufacturers. We focus our technical expertise on maximizing your return on investment over the lifetime of components.

Your benefits

Our services will support you to:

  • Develop grid infrastructure
  • Connect renewable, decentralized generation and storage facilities
  • Access the control and revenue benefits of local energy grids
  • Achieve improved levels of operational efficiency

Case studies

Expanding electrical networks

Connecting new power plant to grid

On behalf of our client in the Netherlands we delivered a 380kV connection from a new power plant to the grid. The project included a 880m cable between the generator transformer and grid connection switchgear, new HV disconnection point and a local control system. Our client focused on their core business, while we used our proven skills and experience to take care of conceptual design, basic and detail engineering, specifications, project management and monitoring of QA and commissioning.

Developing substation and transformer installations

World’s largest railroad converter

A 400kV substation, incorporating the world’s most powerful railroad converter, and a 100kV auxiliary connection were planned for our client’s new 1,100 MW coal-fired plant in Germany. We delivered project management, engineering, commissioning, quality assurance and quality control and temporary operation of the switchyard. The project was executed on time and in budget so that our client was able to successfully commission the 413 MW railroad converter, which is capable of supplying 25 percent of the power required by Germany’s rail network.

Providing access to the grid

Repowering a wind farm

Our German wind farm client planned to repower from 100 to 125MVA and their existing infrastructure needed analysis regarding capacity reserves and upgrade measures. We provided an OEM-independent study of spare capacities of transformers, switchgears and cables to minimize CAPEX and to extend lifetime of existing assets. We advised that only minor investments would be necessary to keep the electrical assets of the grid connection fit for future purpose. Our client avoided outages during the rebuild and benefited from a significant reduction in CAPEX for electrical infrastructure.

Delivering the benefits of local energy grids

Developing a model microgrid

Our client planned a microgrid in northern Europe as a model for similar future schemes. We analyzed potential sites, taking into account the availability of renewable energy resource and engagement by the local community. The scheme proposed includes wind and PV generation, battery storage, a back-up generator running on renewable fuel, energy management system and interface to the network control room. We specified all the functional requirements and worked with suppliers to source the optimum equipment, creating a versatile model which could be quickly transferred to alternative network areas. We provided specialist advice on engineering aspects, plus the engineering resources to allow our client’s engineers to remain committed to operational duties.

Optimizing networks and operational efficiency

Asset management and maintenance improved

Our UK client engaged us to create an engineering governance framework and optimized maintenance strategy for their 110kV private network overhead line and substations connecting two manufacturing sites, 7km apart across a densely populated area. We redefined their asset management strategy and tendering for maintenance services. Our client benefited from reduced OPEX and also achieved both health and safety and environmental compliance.

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