Flexible operation- strategizing to reduce impact on assets

A Flex-Ops strategy will ensure that your plant is enhanced to perform in an increasingly dynamic energy market, while mitigating risks associated with flexible modes of operation.

However, the potential impacts of flexible operation are far-reaching. Thermal shock, high temperature and aqueous corrosion, increased vibration, erosion and deposition can all damage mechanisms over time. Demand on engineers can be increased, as they must run plants more dynamically. Overall, the stresses of flexible operation can increase the rate of the asset's deterioration.

Therefore, as flexible operation is demanded more by a grid that is penetrated by renewables, and as conventional plants must come online at short notice and after periods of lay-up, a strategy is crucial, to prevent detrimental impact.

Shorten start up times by around

50 %

Reduce daily maintenance by around

20 %

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