We share our decades of experience operating and continually optimizing our portfolio of over 19 GW of gas assets in Europe and Russia to be your partner in energy



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Our comprehensive know-how covers not only gas turbines, but also heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), steam turbines, electrical systems/generators, control and instrumentation, civils and all other balance of plant equipment.

OEM independent solutions

We leverage our experience and independence of original equipment and component suppliers (OEMs) to choose the best solution, providing an alternative to long-term service agreements and allowing you to credibly challenge OEM strategies. We deliver leading edge services that optimize your budgets for all major equipment types including: 

Siemens SGT5-4000F SGT5-2000E SGT5-8000H V64.3 V93 SGT-800 SGT-200 SGT-100
GE Frame 9 FA/FB Frame 9 E Frame 7 Frame 6 Frame 5 LM 6000 LM 2500  
Alstom GT26              
Ansaldo AE94.3              
Mitsubishi 701F              

Case Studies

Through-life Services

Expert advice keeps costs down

Our client was warned by the OEM of a possible generator failure, for which replacement of parts was suggested, extending an upcoming outage. Our independent advice saved them significant outage costs and avoided €2.3m repair costs.

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Feasibility, Construction, Commissioning

Building new gas-fired plants

We have provided owner’s engineering, project management and cutting–edge consultancy services for new combined heat and power plants and combined cycle gas turbines up to 1,248 MW capacity in a range of countries including Germany, UK, Spain, Slovakia and Hungary. These included a state-of-the-art CCGT single-shaft asset achieving 60.4% efficiency. While our clients focused on their core business, we used proven skills and experience to take care of the projects.

Operation & Maintenance

Flexible approach to pressure system inspections

Our R&D program determined a damage calculation methodology on pressure systems, to optimize and address the threats from cyclical operation.

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Asset Management & Optimization

35% minimum load reduction achieved

We reduced minimum operating load from 210 MW to 160 MW while ensuring full emissions compliance and flow stability of the once-through boiler.

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Conversion to OCGT returns plant to profitability

To support our UK client in responding to new market opportunities we successfully converted their fully mothballed CCGT to OCGT operation. The partial demolition phase was completed on an EPCM basis and included removal of chimneys and cooling water towers. The project included full inspection of OCGT components and changes to control systems. The conversion, as planned and executed by us, drastically reduced the cost base for the site and paid back within one year of operation.

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