We have decades of hands-on experience developing, building up and operating gas infrastructure. Our gas business includes about 8.5 billion cubic meters of gas storage capacity, stakes in major transmission pipelines and commodity trading

Our background as asset owner and operator gives our engineers the know-how to deliver excellent solutions, and provide you with project costs and anticipated timescales you can trust.  

We continuously contribute to the success of projects regarding gas pipeline systems, gas storages and LNG assets, in countries around the world.

In the last decade our work has included:

  • Selecting the most appropriate gas compressor solution for over 35 units (transport and storage) and coordinating the implementation
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of a major interconnector pipeline across three European countries  
  • Owner’s engineering for several different LNG supply scenarios
  • All engineering work for the new build of one of the largest gas cavern storage facilities in Europe
  • Building up a national gas infrastructure system and supporting the establishment of an operational company
  • Designing connection pipelines for CCGTs
  • Developing LNG as fuel for transport
  • Ensuring legislation compliance for our clients, for example, reducing emissions from gas turbines and implementing new vent systems
  • Developing power to gas projects

Your benefits

Our services will support you to:

  • Select the most economic and technically optimized concept for your project
  • Effectively manage all contractors
  • Meet highest standards regarding HSE
  • Optimize the performance of your existing assets
  • Understand and mitigate project risks



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Case studies

Engineering know-how

Maximizing working gas volume

We supported our client with its gas storage facility in Eastern Europe to increase the working gas volume and injection rate, by boosting the reservoir pressure as well as adding two turbo compressors. The turbo compressors were to be operated in series or parallel to the existing piston compressors. We developed time and cost plans, planned the modifications, and coordinated and monitored all construction and commissioning work. In a time frame of two and a half years from conceptional design to commercial operation, we managed to finalize an exceptional enhancement of our client‘s gas storage facility with little or no impact on its running business and at a lower cost than other recommended solutions.

Engineering packages

Financially viable package

Our client’s multinational pipeline development in South East Europe needed a bankable FEED package in line with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development requirements. We led the environmental and social impact assessment and stakeholder engagement process in parallel with technical design to ensure not only a technically sound and cost effective, but a widely-supported route for the pipeline. In a competitive process, investors selected this project for implementation.

Owner’s engineering services

First-of-its-kind LNG import facility

Our client selected us to deliver and commission a turret-moored Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) to import LNG, installed offshore in the Mediterranean. The project included conversion of an LNG carrier into a floating regasification terminal. The unit has a regasification capacity of 3.75 billion cubic meters per year and a storage capacity of 137,500m³ of LNG. Our experts were part of the project management and owner’s engineering team and responsible for steering and supervising the EPCIC contractor during construction and commissioning over a period of several years. The LNG FSRU is now being successfully operated and has received and regasified numerous LNG cargoes.

Project management services

National transport system established

Our client planned a 400km pipeline system (DN 300 to DN 700) with more than 30 metering and control stations for a Mediterranean country. We supported development of the national transport system over a period of several years. In addition to basic engineering, we conducted locally-developed detailed engineering. Our experts supervised the construction works and advised our client on the establishment of the company organization. The completed system has made a reliable contribution to the country’s energy supply.

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Barnim Piechorowski

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