With decades of experience in constructing, commissioning and operating combined heat and power plant, we are your ideal partner when you are seeking to secure or manage your own supply of power and steam

We have the technical and engineering skills to assess the feasibility of on-site generation assets and then manage the complete development project, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Based on our own first-hand operational experience, we have the know-how to achieve emissions compliance and to implement selective and non-selective catalytic reduction. Our distribution expertise supports all aspects of connecting the plant to the grid.

Our specialist engineers work with industries including:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel and aluminium production
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Paper production
  • Manufacturing

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Improving the Economic Flexibility of a 400 MW CCGT

See how we improved economic flexibility of a 400 MW CCGT single-shaft unit by maximizing district heating production. Our steam turbine bypass operation improved not only flexibility but also commercial viability by optimizing power/heat production share. Our unique approach included a dynamic simulation of all relevant procedures and ensured early and cost-effective identification of potential issues.

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Case studies

Plant and process optimization

To optimize your asset, we can examine individual components or the system as a whole in terms of energy efficiency and environmental compliance. After analysis, you will get a tailor-made solution for optimisation of individual components, with recommendations for adjustments to plant configuration.

Increased district heat extraction to strengthen commercial viability Process optimization delivers significant energy savings

Construction or conversion planning

Within owner’s engineering, we can undertake the partial or complete project management for modifications of your asset (e.g. conversion from coal to gas combustion). We also offer complete new construction planning, including the implementation of all measures. This includes integration of customised renewable energy production into existing systems to reduce the demand for fossil fuels (solar thermal energy, heat pumps).

Reducing minimum load cost effective independent solution

All-in one Industrial Solution

We offer substantial support to enable companies to focus on their own business by providing a complete outsourcing opportunity for steam and electricity generation. Driven by your demand we can fully cover the supply of energy by delivering tailor-made solutions including investment, build and management of dedicated energy assets at your site. Throughout our extensive knowledge in all aspects of the global energy business we will provide a perfect balance between economic efficiency and sustainability while offering your company maximum freedom.

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Gerbert van der Weijde

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Chris Flynn

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Nils Twietmeyer

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Thomas Schlieck

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