Every pipeline project has its own unique challenges and constraints. We use our decades of experience to find the most efficient, cost-effective solutions for you, both for the short and longer term. 

We understand the challenges associated with connecting the source of natural gas reserves and the locations where the gas will be consumed, which can be many thousands of kilometers apart. We use our experience to match supply and demand, ensuring the safe transportation of natural gas, delivered to where it is needed most.

Our gas pipeline know-how is based on strong foundations. Our corporate family tree includes some of the leading companies involved in gas networks in Europe – businesses known for their reliability and technical excellence – to give us industry-leading technical knowledge of pipeline systems.

Pipeline design and routing

Our portfolio of pipeline design and routing projects includes the successful Trans Adriatic Pipeline. We developed, constructed and commissioned this onshore and offshore natural gas pipeline, which extends from the Greece/Turkey border across to southern Italy. This was a complex and multi-disciplinary project that included front end engineering design, environmental assessment, procurement, permitting, logistics and detail engineering, as well as offering our expertise and experience to support quality decision making.

Our solutions

We can help you optimize the performance of your existing assets and plan new projects. Independent of OEM we maximize your return on investment by selecting products from all leading manufacturers.

Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

We independently select the best concepts, both technically and economically, for you and develop them according to your specific requirements. We have decades of experience in pipeline routing and designing connection pipelines for CCGTs.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

Using our experience in project management, we coordinate all required services, such as surveying, rights acquisition, or procurement, and integrate these into packaged solutions.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

We ensure your project is fully compliant in every way, such as reducing emissions from gas turbines to implementing new vent systems. Our highly experienced team fully understand your project in all its depth and complexity and they will use their know-how to mitigate project risks.

Case studies

20% capacity increase delivered on time, on budget

Our client assigned us to increase the capacity of their existing pipeline transport system by 20%. Following comprehensive analysis and simulations, we expanded the existing head compressor stations and built another compressor station along the 500km pipeline. Further plants were to be adapted to the increased throughput. We gained the approval to increase the maximum operating pressure by approximately five percent for the first pipeline section. To minimize disruption and speed up implementation, we planned five construction projects, which we carried out in parallel. We achieved the target capacity increase on time and at the planned cost.

National pipeline system established

Our client planned a 400km pipeline system (DN 300 to DN 700) with more than 30 metering and control stations for a Mediterranean country. We supported development of the national transport system over a period of several years. In addition to basic engineering, we conducted locally developed detailed engineering. Our experts supervised the construction works and advised our client on the establishment of the company organization. The completed system has made a reliable contribution to the country’s energy supply.


Michael Kessel

Michael Kessel

Head of Gas Infrastructure International