Maximize your commercial and technical performance in whichever market you operate

As owner operators, our huge infrastructure helps our gas systems respond to fluctuations in supply as well as demand, playing an important role in ensuring a secure and flexible gas supply for our customers – hands on experience we share with you. 

Our own gas business includes 8.2 billion cubic meters of gas storage capacity, with gas storage facilities in Germany, Austria and the UK, plus stakes in gas transmission pipelines. In addition, we are developing power-to-gas technology at our power-to-gas plants WindGas Falkenhagen and WindGas Hamburg. These new innovative projects reflect our belief in the importance of energy storage and displays our technical expertise. We also contribute our experience to projects for our customers. For example, we can support you in increasing working gas volume and injection rate for existing assets.

Solutions for your next gas storage project  

Maintaining operational performance levels is central to all our solutions. We fully understand the challenges associated with gas storage projects and can effectively manage all contractors and mitigate project risks.

Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

With an owner’s approach and operator understanding we are a natural choice when you need an independent advocate and source of expertise. As project engineer and coordinator, we use strict time and cost monitoring in collaboration with all other stakeholders to deliver on time and often under budget.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

From conceptional design to commercial operation, we ensure that there is little or no impact on the running of your business. We develop detailed time and cost schedules, plan all works and modifications, and we coordinate and monitor all construction and commissioning work.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

Staying ahead of evolving legislation and regulation can be challenging. We reduce the complexity of your projects with our technical interface management, while our experience gives you the confidence to know that your projects meet permitting and all required environmental standards.

Case studies

New storage facility in record time

In northern Germany, our client needed to develop a completely new storage facility with 19 caverns, a working gas volume of approximately 2bcm, and entry/exit rates of more than 2bcm per hour in a very short time. As the chosen project engineer and coordinator, we used strict time and cost monitoring in collaboration with the other stakeholders. In addition to the actual planning documents, detailed planning of the construction process and commissioning was a high priority. Our client benefited from project completion within the given time frame and from costs below budget.

Ensuring compliance

A German storage operator approached us to analyze the options for their gas turbine, which was no longer compliant with emissions legislation. Our experts recommended installation of a new gas turbine driving the existing compressor. Our implementation plan took advantage of the winter withdrawal period, enabling our client to use the compressor train for the next injection period, with its gas turbine drive fully meeting new emissions requirements.

Maximizing working gas volume

We were challenged to increase the working gas volume and injection rate of a gas storage facility in Eastern Europe. We boosted the reservoir pressure and added two turbo compressors, which were to be operated in series or parallel to the existing piston compressors. We developed time and cost schedules, planned the modifications, and coordinated and monitored all construction and commissioning work. In a time frame of two and a half years from conceptional design to commercial operation, we completed an exceptional enhancement of our client‘s gas storage facility with little to no impact on its running business – and at a lower cost than other recommended solutions.


Michael Kessel

Michael Kessel

Head of Gas Infrastructure International