When you want to secure or manage your own supply of power and steam, our expertise makes us your ideal partner. 

We have decades of experience in constructing, commissioning and operating combined heat and power plant. We have the technical and engineering skills to assess the feasibility of on-site generation assets and then manage the complete development project, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our specialist engineers work with industries including:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel and aluminum production
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Paper production
  • Manufacturing

Power plant conversion

Convert your industrial or manufacturing plant to biomass by utilizing our skills in project management, owner’s engineering, scheduling and QA/QC management. Discover the benefits of biomass with the conversion experts.

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Our expertise helps you manage the challenges of:

Power asset governance solutions
Deliver safe, legally compliant, reliable, cost-effective and efficient operations across the life cycle of your assets with our Asset Governance Solutions toolkit. This proven toolkit is the core of our internal Quality Management System. All our Asset Management Systems link company policies with local laws and operating permits. They enable continuous improvements and people involvement ensuring excellent asset governance.
We support you in the development of your Management Systems:
• Preparing Certifications Audit
• Developing a plant documentation system
• Setting up an Integrated Management System.
Ensuring your assets comply with environmental regulations
We model, monitor and assess the impact of your assets and their emissions on the environment and use practical and cost-effective methods to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations. Our solutions help you to:
• Manage risks of non-compliance with environmental regulations, to maintain asset availability and safeguard revenues.
• Prepare for the introduction of new environmental regulations to inform strategic planning and decision making.
• Reduce commercial complexity via our one-stop-shop for environmental compliance solutions, bringing together a wide range of technical and commercial expertise.
Process and efficiency optimization
Changing market conditions, increased competitiveness and reduced emission goals demand the periodic review and improvement of processes and efficiency at industrial, process and power plants. For holistic plant optimization, we review the whole process and are not restricted to single components. The evaluation usually considers technical, operational, environmental and economic criteria. Our solutions give you the energy and cost savings associated with reduced emissions. You will achieve higher operational plant flexibility, plus increased knowledge and understanding of energy consumption by taking advantage of our thorough risk review process and additional monitoring.
Optimizing your power operations and maintenance strategy
An operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy based on competence, tools and processes is vital to bottom line improvements in operation and maintenance during the entire asset life cycle. Our experience of operating and maintaining high performing assets will support you in optimizing your existing O&M strategy or developing a new O&M strategy to suit your needs.
Assessing and managing your carbon footprint

• Assessment of carbon footprint according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol
• Workshops, training and process handbook
• Support in preparing carbon footprint as part of reports to stakeholders. e.g. Carbon Disclosure Project reporting

Discover our solutions for your energy plant

All-in-one solution for the reliable supply of steam, power, heat or cooling

We offer substantial support to enable companies to focus on their own business by providing a complete outsourcing opportunity for steam and electricity generation. Driven by your demand we can fully cover the supply of energy by delivering tailor-made solutions including investment, build and management of dedicated energy assets at your site.

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District heating solutions

Our skilled teams have the technical and operational expertise to design, engineer and deliver highly optimized district heating schemes, avoiding over-engineering and high capital expenditure. With our decades of operational experience we can then undertake and optimize your operations and maintenance for the full life of your project.

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Our solar solution for industrial processes, QiBrid

One simple contract delivers sustainable power and heat for your business. Matching smart renewable solutions for your heat and power demand, find out if solar thermal heat and PV can be used for your process to help you become greener as well as save energy.

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Our solutions

Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

We can undertake the partial or complete project management for modifications of your asset (e.g. conversion from coal to gas combustion). We also offer complete new construction planning. This includes integration of customized renewable energy production into existing systems to reduce the demand for fossil fuels.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

Reduce costs and improve scheduling and quality control, right from the inception of your CHP new build and upgrade projects, by sharing our operational expertise and project experience of CHP new build.
Plant operation datteln

Plant Operation

Our expertise covers operational safety, governance and compliance, plant operation, and optimization, including the impact of alternative fuels on all aspects of your plant operation.
engineers inspecting information maintenance


To ensure maximum benefit from expenditure and plant downtime we offer a full range of services, from outage coordination to full outage management. We can operate assets on your behalf. We challenge OEMs and develop solutions based on actual plant conditions. We monitor plant health to identify potential problems before they become failures.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

We ensure compliance and minimize your exposure to risk with technical and environmental codes and standards. Our experience as owner operator means you can rely on us to know how to engage with regulators and agencies and ensure operational safety. We monitor norms, codes, and standards, and alert and consult you in case of changes.

Case studies

Process optimization delivers significant energy savings

Our client adopted our recommended energy efficiencies using proven technical solutions to deliver a potential saving of €650,000 annually.

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Increased district heat extraction to strengthen commercial viability

See how we improved economic flexibility of a 400 MW CCGT single-shaft unit by maximizing district heating production. Our steam turbine bypass operation improved not only flexibility but also commercial viability by optimizing power/heat production share.

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