What our coal-fired generation experience means for you

We understand the challenges of maximizing the return on investment from coal-fired plant because we have decades of experience in building, operating and continually optimizing our portfolio of over 11 GW of coal-fired assets in Europe and Russia.

Over the past two decades we have converted several European plants to full or partial biomass firing, built coal-fired plants in the Netherlands, Germany and Russia and managed the upgrade of coal-fired assets internationally.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in plant life extension. Our specialists regularly undertake major refurbishments that have ensured the extended safe operation of plants between 20 and 25 years on their original design life.

Power plant conversion

Become independent from coal, optimize flexibility and ensure compliance by leveraging our decades of experience in biomass conversion. Find out what converting your partial or full asset to biomass could mean for you.

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Achieving successful flexible operation
We have first-hand experience of successfully implementing flexible operation in our own coal fired plants and can support you to manage the risks. From identifying commercial opportunities, through modifying plant procedures and avoiding component damage, to achieving economic gains by reducing maintenance costs and extending plant life.
Our solution will support you to:
• Analyze market opportunities
• Reduce start-up times
• Improve ramp rate and load following
• Reduce major component replacement costs
• Increase maximum load
• Reduce minimum load
• Increase major outage intervals through parts life extension
• Reduce daily maintenance costs
• Extend economic plant life.
Ensuring your assets comply with environmental regulations
Manage risks of non-compliance with environmental regulations, to maintain asset availability and safeguard revenues. We can support your strategic planning and decision making by helping you to prepare for the introduction of new environmental regulations. Our expert advice means you will be able to identify and install appropriate emission controls and monitoring techniques.
Managing safe and compliant dismantling and demolition
The mitigation of safety and environmental risks, and the effective management of contractors and on-site procedures, are key considerations for power plant owners planning the dismantling and demolition of coal assets. We provide a complete package of management services from specification and tendering through to final site clearance.
Flexible Plant Operations infographic
Flexible Plant Operations infographic
Flexible Plant Operations infographic

Do you have a flexible operations strategy?

 Find out how to achieve successful flexible operation in our downloadable overview guide

  • Fully understand all implications of flexible operation
  • Shorten start-up times by 20-50%
  • Reduce major component replacement costs by 20-30%
  • Reduce daily maintenance costs by 10-20%

Read the details of our flexible operation solutions Download our exclusive guide on flexible operation

Our solutions to optimize your coal-fired power plant

Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

As owner‘s engineer we play a critical role supporting and supplementing your resources, acting as your independent advocate. We provide technical advice from inception of your new project until the end of the asset life.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

Reduce costs and improve scheduling and quality control, right from the inception of your new build and upgrade projects, by sharing our comprehensive engineering resources and operational experience.
Plant operation datteln

Plant Operation

Benefit from our engineering insight into the impact of coal quality, to gain flexibility and optimize your fuel mix. Our leading trading activities and experience of coal handling and logistics will help you to optimize fuel procurement and supply.
checking data om delivery

Full O&M Delivery

Improve operational profit, revenues and costs by leveraging our expertise as a world-class operator of coal-fired plant. We share our decades of experience operating and continually optimizing our portfolio of over 11 GW of coal assets in Europe and Russia to help you to overcome many challenges.
maintenance optimization man with hard hat


Establish the remaining life of components, challenge unnecessary replacement and gain OEM-independent repair options as a result of our systematic reviews of asset condition.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

Ensure your plant remains compliant with changes in legislation while continuing to be profitable. We monitor norms, codes, and standards, and alert and consult you in case of changes. We have first-hand knowledge of the demands of environmental legislation.
Decommissioning demolition tower


We have first-hand experience managing the end-of-life options of coal-fired assets. We maximize the value of your assets and ensure high levels of safety and compliance at all times, from preservation of coal-fired plant with a shortened return-to-service time, to fully mothballed and eventual complete site remediation.

Case studies

Reduce risk of boiler slagging

Our client has experienced zero problem with slagging since our solution was implemented. We developed new in-house Triplot Index calculations that have proved far more reliable than single Ash Fusion Temperature test results.

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Achieve operational savings by optimizing fuel selection strategy

Optimizing coal selection while managing risks to components and impacts on operational performance can deliver significant savings in the cost of power generation, as we proved at a 550 MW power plant.

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Ultra-low-load operation

If you want to reduce generation costs, ultra-low-load operation is a safe alternative to short-term shutdowns. Our innovative approach to flexible operation has shown that ultra-low-load operation is achievable, we have valuable experience of the potential challenges and benefits for your plant.

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