Extend your asset life, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with power plant fuel conversion

Become independent from coal, optimize flexibility and ensure compliance by leveraging our 30 years of biomass expertise. In the coming years the role of coal as a central fuel in the European energy mix will further decrease. Countries worldwide as well as the EU and its members are committed to drastically reducing carbon emissions, including those from coal-fired power plants. In the UK, government plans mean coal-fired electricity generation will end by 2025. Yet existing coal combustion infrastructures and facilities are often still reliable energy generating assets worthy of further use and life extension.

Modernize and extend the life of your plant. Lignite and hard coal-fired power plant, refineries, large chemical plants and steelworks can all benefit from our life extension and modernization solutions for a smooth energy transition.

See our biomass conversion expertise in action

We assessed opportunities and consequences for both a partial and full conversion of a steam generator including a new build option for an additional boiler. The desired output of the unit was set at 300 GWh per year based on biomass combustion. Alternative scenarios were evaluated focusing on technical and economic consequences.

Main considerations: Fuel selection, necessary technical measures, emission output to environment, efficiency, performance, unit parameters and timeline.

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Convert to new fuels to reduce costs, improve reliability and ensure compliance.

  • Reduced or eliminated dependence from coal with more flexibility
  • Continued and optimized use of existing infrastructure of power facilities with planning certainty (asset life extension)
  • Lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) to the environment
  • Reduced primary energy factor and higher energy efficiency
  • Integration and use of cheaper, better performing and up-to-date generation technologies
  • Social responsibility and public funding opportunities identified whenever available

From feasibility studies to commercial operation, we can help. Before starting a conversion, we assess and clarify various aspects of the project. We consider technical feasibility and routing option alternatives available from equipment manufacturers. When conversion opportunities arise, they feed into a design that includes expenditures and public funding opportunities for different scenarios. The first phase could also include environmental modelling for an in-depth understanding of impacts and environmental consequences.

  • Technical feasibility and routing studies
  • Conceptual design studies
  • Cost estimates (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Environmental modelling

The knowledge acquired at an early stage comes into play as we enter the second step – Owner’s Engineering. To ensure the success of the conversion, we coordinate and manage all engineering activities – regardless of type of generation.

Solutions to help you deliver successful conversion projects

When conversion to new or added fuel might be an option for you, we are here to help guide you through what lies ahead. We have decades of relevant experience and we are independent from original equipment manufacturers, so we can start to support you from the very first conversation.

Technical feasibility & routing studies
We will investigate the feasibility of your project, evaluating technology options, plant layout and system designs.

To help you prepare for an investment decision we:
1. Evaluate technical feasibility, project economics and concepts
2. Evaluate potential modifications, including collection of site data and technical information
3. Evaluate technology options, development of plant layout and new system design
4. Integrate regulatory requirements and community consultation (environmental, economic)
5. Produce technical and economic performance models
6. Align your requirements and environmental or site constraints with a plant concept
Conceptual design studies
The next step is a conceptual design study to inform a detailed design solution that enables a consent application for a conversion project. The proposed new design will directly address all key requirements and constraints to establish the optimal technical solution. It will include all options and provide a rationale for non-preferred or non-adopted options.

The conceptual design study includes:
1. Evaluation and development of preferred conceptual design based on the technical feasibility study
2. Consideration of your risk and reward preferences
3. Agreed mitigations and modifications arising from the environmental impact assessment, permitting constraints and stakeholder consultations
4. The preferred design option, approved by you in consultation with key stakeholders
5. A target project capital expenditure budget with appropriate management guidelines to support your contract execution strategy
Optimize the cost of generation by choosing the right fuel
Choose the right fuel for your power plant and achieve the lowest cost of generation. By leveraging our Fuel Optimization Solutions you can avoid the damaging impacts of fuels on plant and improve health and safety.
Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
We help you to manage the risks of non-compliance with environmental regulations to maintain asset availability and safeguard revenues. Our experts support you in preparing for the introduction of new environmental regulations, helping to inform strategic planning and decision making. Our solutions unlock financial benefits from operational changes including flexible operation and fuel switching.
Owners engineering for fossil fuel conversion projects
Our experience of developing and operating energy assets for over 100 years means we are the first choice for clients needing an independent advocate and source of expertise. We know how to deliver the most cost-effective solutions and optimize your energy projects.

Safety - We deliver recognized HSSE best practice with an excellent track record.
Risk reduction - Our experience ensures projects stay in or below budget, meet all quality and time schedules and minimize potential claims.
Cost reduction - Our understanding of and independence from many equipment manufacturers optimizes value for money.
Convenience - Our interdisciplinary, one-stop-shop approach means you benefit from less complexity and fewer interfaces.
Experience - We understand your position. Going beyond the consultant role, we leverage and share our decades of experience as owner and operator.

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